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Golang Internals Part 1: Autogenerated functions (and how to get rid of them)

Maybe if you are like us at MinIO, you have every now and then come across ‘autogenerated’ functions in your Golang call stacks and wondered what they are all about? We had a case the other day where the call stack showed something like the following: cmd.retryStorage.ListDir(0x12847c0, 0xc420402e70, 0x1, ...) minio/cmd/retry-storage.go:183 +0x72 cmd.(*retryStorage)


Fast hashing in Golang using BLAKE2

In this blog we would like to present an optimized implementation, blake2b-simd , in pure Go for the BLAKE2 hashing algorithm that takes advantage of SIMD instructions. It gives up to a 4x speed increase over the (non-assembly) Go implementation and can achieve hashing speeds close to 1 GB/sec per core on high end CPUs. Compared to the standard SHA512