Developers, Developers, Developers!!

According to an IDC study conducted in 2014, there are approximately 18.5 Million software developers world wide. Though it only accounts for a tiny 0.26% of 7 billion world population, their contribution towards overall economic prosperity and progress is mind boggling. I will publish a series of blog post to understand the developer population in detail.

Cartography of Developers

I undertook a small research to map out the landscape of developer communities. By no means this mind map is exhaustive. The numbers are only indicative of popular trends in the developer communities (current mind map reflects numbers as of 1st Aug 2015).

Download this image:

Note: If you have any input for the mind map, please drop a note in the comment section.

Key Findings

  • It comes as no surprise, JavaScript (ECMAScript) and Java are the most popular languages among developers, closely followed by Ruby and PHP.
  • Golang is growing in popularity, primarily converting Python, Java and C/C++ developers. It has become the de facto language of choice for recent cloud infrastructure projects. Golang was born inside Google to replace C and C++.
  • Facebook’s HHVM/HackLang is reviving the PHP community, which was the JavaScript of early web programming days.
  • GitHub, StackOverflow and Meetups are a huge part of community collaboration.
  • Interestingly Google Cloud Platform has significantly higher GitHub stargazers (14,406) than Amazon AWS (3,622) and Microsoft Azure GitHub stars(3,206). It shows Google has more open source support and should play on its strength.
  • Despite having a late start in the open source community, Facebook has gained momentum in a short period of time. It is evident from their GitHub stars and forks. Facebook (226 developers, 214.8K stars, 138 open source projects) vs Google (514 developers , 185.9K stars, 571 open source projects).
  • In terms of total number of apps, Google is leading the pack with 1.6 million compared to Apple (1.5 million) and Microsoft (0.5 million). Together they have managed to reduce barrier to entry for many startups.
  • Apple developers for iOS, OS X and Cocoa remain a closed ecosystem. They hardly have any open source presence and are hard to track any real metrics. On the other hand, Android community is open and vibrant. It is quite evident from their 1.5 million twitter followers and 662 thousand meetup community members.
  • New forums like and Twitter are beginning to replace old school IRC and mailing lists.
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