Feb 2016 Release of Minio Client

This new release adds support for Solaris/Illumos and FreeBSD 64bit Intel.

Following is the non exhaustive list of changes in this release.

  • Parallel code for cp and mirror is deprecated and removed. All copy operations are serial now, this fixed a number of issues related to session file missing and overall code complexity.
  • All cli operations now standardize on using aliases.
  • Support multiple S3 accounts.
  • No temporary files are used during file uploads, system memory is used instead .
  • Make bucket ‘mb’ has `` — region`` option now to specify bucket location.
  • Minimum Golang version supported is now 1.6

No new commands were added in this release.

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Special Thanks

  • JBlachly — Solaris porting effort.
  • Anis Elleuch — FreeBSD porting effort.
  • Jitesh — Bug reports and multiple S3 account support.
  • Joe Blew — Bug reports across ‘mc’.
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