Nov 2015 Release of MinIO Client

Download latest MinIO client ‘mc’

MinIO client went through several rewrites to reach this point. We fixed a number of bugs and introduced newer ones. From this release onwards, we will push smaller but frequent updates. Here are some enhancements in this release.

Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Swift, Red Hat Ceph and most other object storage vendors support Amazon S3 V2 API signature. Amazon S3 and MinIO are on S3 V4 API signature. This release of “mc” supports both V2 and V4 transparently, in addition to POSIX. This means you can now seamlessly migrate data between POSIX file systems and various cloud storage implementations.

We also added support for ARM architecture.

New commands like rm, pipe, share-upload

We resisted “rm” early on, but decided to implement it anyways. MinIO server and client libraries also support “delete object” API. MinIO XL will strictly follow the immutability prime directive however.

“pipe” command behaves like Unix shell “|”. You can pipe stdout to cloud storage directly. It is useful for streaming backups and IoT like environments.

“share upload” command generates shareable “curl” command that you can pass around via email. Receiving application or user can upload documents without requiring access and secret keys. Anyone with the uniquely generated “curl” command can upload objects into the system.

Give us a shout

We look forward to hearing from you. Please open Github issues or ask questions on our Gitter channel.

Special Thanks

  • Anis Elleuch — Consistent code contribution and an active community member.
  • Jeremy White — Patches for Red Hat Ceph and OpenStack Swift minio-go library. Also ‘mc pipe’ command is his idea for streaming MySQL backup.

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