Solving the Hybrid-Cloud Challenge - UCE Systems and MinIO

Solving the Hybrid-Cloud Challenge - UCE Systems and MinIO

MinIO has partners across the ecosystem - from our cloud partnerships with AWS, GCP, Azure and IBM to more solution-focused partnerships like Snowflake and Dremio. We are pleased to add UCE Systems to our roster of solutions-based partnerships.

UCE is a leading consulting firm focused on modern data platforms (like the aforementioned Dremio). UCE has brought dozens of enterprises out of the Hadoop world and into the modern datalake/datalakehouse world - often using modern, performant, Kubernetes-native object storage as a foundational layer. As readers of this blog will know, those requirements effectively define MinIO.

From our perspective, UCE Systems adds a hyper-talented firm to our roster of partners and specifically in an area of significant demand - moving out of the Hadoop ecosystem. They understand the compute layer and the storage layer and are able to design and deploy large-scale systems for both the enterprise as well as the federal market.

“MinIO is truly an enabler for streamlining a large scale, reliable hybrid infrastructure while improving performance and reducing total cost of ownership,” noted UCE Systems founder Mikhail Stolper. “We have delivered significant value with their software in the financial services space and look forward to continuing that value creation.”

Better Together

The better together story has many facets but we wanted to highlight a few of them:

Cost of Ownership: UCE Systems is often targeted with the task of simultaneously modernizing an architecture while also reducing costs. MinIO’s ability to run anywhere and on anything creates a portfolio of options for enterprises - particularly in a system where high-performance and capacity tiers are in play. UCE has re-used HW from previous Hadoop deployments with new, Kubernetes-native software from MinIO to create a modern architecture that is ready to scale over time (including the capacity to decommission that HW when the time comes).

Stability and Performance: MinIO provides UCE’s end customers with a stable and reliable storage platform for data analytics workloads. Because MinIO’s architecture is designed for massively parallel reads and writes, it delivers significantly higher throughput than other solutions. These industry-leading performance characteristics empower organizations to process and analyze data more efficiently, leading to faster insights and decision-making.

Object Storage as Primary Storage: As organizations increasingly adopt cloud-based solutions with decoupled data and compute, object storage has become a preferred choice for storing and managing data in the cloud. MinIO’s massive footprint makes it the leader in AWS S3 compatibility. This compatibility ensures seamless integration with the cloud-native ecosystem (also S3 compatible) and existing cloud infrastructure. Just as importantly, it enables organizations to leverage the benefits of cloud storage in a hybrid environment or on-prem solutions.

Elastic Scalability: UCE designs sophisticated, scalable systems. They are able to take full advantage of MinIO’s legendary scalability. MinIO easily scales from TBs to EBs. More significantly, MinIO does so without any loss in performance. MinIO's recommendation to deploy the storage on storage-optimized servers ensures that organizations can effectively manage the elasticity of their workloads.

Improved Performance of Hybrid Data Platform: UCE Systems has integrated MinIO with other data platform tools such as Apache Spark and Dremio, significantly improving their performance while reducing total cost of ownership.

I noted, “The team at UCE Systems has the collection of talents and technical expertise that make them valued partners to their clients. They understand modern, cloud-native infrastructure as well as anyone and we are delighted they have chosen to lead with MinIO.”

Moving Forward

The collaboration between UCE Systems and MinIO is just the beginning of a transformative journey. As the partnership progresses, the organizations plan to explore further enhancements to their data architecture. Together, UCE Systems and MinIO are committed to empowering businesses to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of data analytics, ensuring faster insights, accurate predictions, and efficient reporting.

To learn more feel free to download MinIO for yourself. You can reach the UCE Systems folks at and you can always reach MinIO at or on the Ask the Expert chat.

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