Three Things You Need at Scale

Three Things You Need at Scale

MinIO was designed in the same fashion that the hyper-scalers were – with simple building blocks that limit failure domains but can grow infinitely. Still there are some features that you really need to have in order to go galactic in size. They are:

  1. Server Side Replication: With MinIO’s server side replication capabilities, organizations can create active-active replication across data centers. Unlike competing features, MinIO is strictly consistent, allows you to pick the objects you want to replicate and allows you keep the same bucket names. For large scale data infrastructure, these are the new table stakes.

  2. Frictionless encryption: As data grows it becomes more valuable – and that demands encryption, both in flight and at rest. MinIO has worked relentlessly to eliminate the friction associated with encryption, meaning that our legendary performance doesn’t suffer in the face of security.

  3. Object Locking: MinIO is a gravity center for data. The ease, the scalability, the performance attracts more and more data. The more data you have, the more it pays to protect it. Object Locking (including all the variants and modes) protects data from ransomware attacks and serves critical use cases for financial institutions and healthcare organizations.

While many define organizations by revenue or employee count, the truth of the matter is that they should be measured by their data footprint, because even small organizations can generate PBs per month.

To learn more about these features and the other three that didn’t make this list, schedule some time to talk to our technical team or subscribe to the software and start your own conversation with our engineering team – they are there for you 24/7/365 when you are part of the MinIO Subscription Network.

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