What is in the MinIO Subscription Network?

What is in the MinIO Subscription Network?

Once we have convinced you of why you should pay for free software, the next question becomes: “what is the value of what I am getting from my subscription?”

The MinIO Subscription Network is not one thing - rather it is a collection of technology, talent and licensing that creates a unique value proposition - one that will not be found on the public cloud or from other object storage vendors. Taken as a whole, it represents an experience - one that enables our subscribers to optimize and secure their instances while simultaneously ensuring license compliance.  

We use the term “experience” intentionally. The MinIO Subscription Network experience looks and feels like it would on the public cloud. The public cloud model is cloud native, priced on consumption, delivered as a subscription, elastic, on-demand with fast SLAs. That is exactly what the MinIO Subscription Network offers as well.

Beyond the buying experience, the MinIO Subscription Network offers a series of features that reflect our distinct view of the world.

  • Direct-to-engineering support: the MinIO Subscription Network is a modern support platform that replaces traditional ticketing systems with real-time collaboration between your infrastructure team and MinIO’s engineering team. the MinIO Subscription Network provides a secure communication channel to exchange logs and certified software binaries. As a result, through the MinIO Subscription Network, MinIO can guide its customers through critical bug fixes, security patches and other optimizations for their production instances. It is specifically designed for fast paced devops-centric infrastructure where issues need to be resolved in real time.
  • Capacity-based pricing and monthly billing: Just like the public cloud, subscribing to the software through the MinIO Subscription Network is premised on convenience. Upgrades, downgrades and cancellations are done with the click of a button. No questions asked.
  • Unlimited seats: Since we base pricing on capacity, we offer an unlimited number of seats to our customers. This ensures that developers, IT, support can all participate. This reduces “hops” and speeds resolution.
  • Unlimited Issues: Again, MinIO thinks about support differently. The system is designed for a conversational, continuous engagement. There are no bad questions – ask away.
  • Access to the Panic Button: Designed for critical issues impacting production, the Panic Button brings to bear the entire MinIO engineering organization within minutes – 24/7/365. Standard customers get one per year. Enterprise customers get an unlimited number.
  • Annual architecture and performance reviews: MinIO knows MinIO better than anyone. With more than 8K Slack members we have seen an immense diversity of issues and tackled them all, from Splunk SmartStores to Raspberry Pi’s. This positions us to help our customers get the most out of their data infrastructure.
  • Long-Term Support: While dependent on the subscription level, MinIO will offer fixes for up to five years on its releases. This gives our largest production clients the confidence to use MinIO to drive their most mission-critical workloads.
  • Guaranteed SLAs: For Enterprise customers, our direct-to-engineering support response time is less than an hour. No escalations required. Standard support has a 24 hour SLA, but in practice it is generally faster than that.
  • Indemnification: For Enterprise customers we provide copyright indemnification.
  • Security Advisory: Security updates are a fact of life. Because our code is reviewed by tens of thousands of community members across thousands of configurations and dozens of industry verticals we have a high probability of catching security vulnerabilities early in the development cycle. In addition, we perform routine internal security audits.

So get started. Think about your production goals and select the plan that works best for you. We are confident that the commercial license will give you the comfort and flexibility your business case requires, while the overall experience will delight your team and position them for success.

As always, we value your feedback, so get started and leave us an issue.

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