Cloud Native Data Management Day - 2.5 MinIO Presentations

MinIO is a proud sponsor of Cloud Native Data Management Days (CNDM Days) - a community initiative designed to bring together Kubernetes and cloud native data management enthusiasts.

Featuring one day virtual events ahead of Kubecon Europe and Kubecon, the CNDM days feature a superb array of speakers from across the spectrum - developers, analysts, architects and end users - not to mention the vendor community that powers the movement.

MinIO had two talks at CNDM and our own Sidhartha Mani had a separate talk on the Container Object Storage Interface (COSI). We summarize them here - but the good stuff is in the videos and demos.

First up was the presentation by Ugur Tigli and Eco Willson on backups using VMware's amazing new Data Persistence platform (DPp), MinIO and Veeam. The presentation covered the changing nature of applications in the modern world, the Data Persistence platform basics, why object storage is the storage class of the cloud, why MinIO is winning the object storage market, why Kubernetes and MinIO go together and how Veeam and MinIO work in the context of the DPp. Eco Willson provides a superb demo as always.

Next up was Daniel Valdivia. Daniel tackled object storage as a service using Kubernetes. We have written on this subject (and he has too) a few times - which makes sense because few things are hotter right now. Daniel delivers a masterclass on the subject in just over 15 minutes covering off on the importance of object storage in the cloud (and why File and Block are legacy), the criticality of RESTful APIs, scale, software vs. hardware appliances and resiliency, the definition of modern object storage, what legacy approaches look like and how to spot them and what modern approaches look like.

It all leads up to the problem statement - how can you use Kubernetes, but simplify its implementation for object storage as a service. Daniel delivers a great demo - showing the CLI approach but more importantly, the GUI approach using our operator console. Don't know how to spell Kubernetes - don't worry, when Daniel is done you will grasp the ease and power of our approach.

Last up is the .5 presentation. We say that because Sidartha Mani teamed up with Krish Chowdhary to talk about the Container Object Storage Interface and its importance to the industry. Sid is the leader of this multi-vendor initiative and deftly explains where it fits in the larger scheme of connectors/plugins and the interfaces.

We are already looking for speakers for the next event so drop us a note at and we can help to present that to the team. In the meantime - don't forget to register for the next one!

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